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Portable Stringing Machine > ML100 with flying-clamps

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SW ML100TH Partner ProTeam Stringer portable machine

The manual automatic tensioner head system and  drop weight lever [DWL] requiring less physical effort, it can be much faster than all other drop weight machines. Made for precise stringing in security, a ProTeam stringer can provide perfect contant pull tensions for professional quality string-jobs with this unique machine. 

660.00 €
Delivery weight: 17 kg

In stock
Expedition : 15 days

SW ML100TH ProTeam Stringer portable machine

Stringway fully automatic constant pull drop weight tensioning, precise & easy to use for easy to string all tennis racquets.

600.00 €
Delivery weight: 15 kg

Still in stock
Expedition possible : 8 days

(System: double + triple)

Stringway ML100 without the flying-clamps

  • Identical to ML100TH without the flying-clamps
  • offer for stringers having a kit SW flying-clamps
  • no clamping system is provided with the ML100
  • Options > badminton flying-clamps & supports
  • price reduced 60€ incl.VAT from tariff ML100TH
600.00 €
Delivery weight: 15 kg

In stock
Expedition : 8 days

SW ML100T92 Fixed-clamps > ProTeam Portable Machine

  • Stringway DW manual fully automatic Drop Weight Lever
  • Constant pull accuracy, irrespective of the DWL angle 
  • System T92 : Fixed-clamps [single-action on double/rails]
  • Cradle has a 5P iInside frame-support mounting system
  • efficient "pin et barrel" cradle lock with 12 positions
  • Precise & easy to use for all tennis & squash frames
  • option kit supports badminton, & system fixed-clamps
  • Easy to travel in a case on wheels, total weight 18kgs
  • Stringway factory Holland full warranty for 10 ans
890.00 €
Delivery weight: 19 kg

In stock
Expedition : 8 days

 MS140LS portable tennis machine

  • SW kit of 2 flying-clamps double + triple
  • toolset 3 pliets : straight flat, bent point, cutter  
  • tool to precisely calibrate the tensioner at 44lbs
  • manual operation automatic by lever/2 springs
  • tensions crank (black) to set from >35  to <62lbs
  • with knot-lever (red) add tension >1lb <4lbs
  • 5 Inside-support mountings, 6 points cradle brake
  • easy to string most of the different tennis racquets
  • light-weight <18lbs very easy to store & to travel
  • Stringway factory Holland full warranty for 10 years
660.00 €
Delivery weight: 8 kg

Not in stock

Stringway MS140LS Badminton Machine

  • Kit of 2 badminton double flying-clamps​ 6mm
  • Tool to calibrate the tensioner at 15kgs (max.)
  • manual operation automatic by lever/2 springs
  • without the red knot-crank to add 4lbs tension
  • 5 Inside-support mountings, 6 points cradle brake
  • Light-weight < 6kgs very easy to store & to carry
Delivery weight: 8 kg

In stock
Expedition : 8 days



SW MS140LS Tennis + L-TEC OS17 ParadOx

The Wilson Clash Tour racquet tests by Jon Sorbo with his son Jonathan last week have provided some great feed-back for the new Wilson Clash Tour racquet strung on the SW MS140LS portable machine with the  L-TEC ParadOx GA17 (1,23mm) @ 48lbs mains / 52lbs crosses conducted for team-players at the University of Kentucky Lexington (UKL) USA. 

Following these thorough play tests of 4 hours/day during 5 days, Jonathan has changed his racquets from the Wilson PS97 autograph RF. (which he usually strings L-TEC OS17 ParadOx at same tensions 48/52lbs) for the Wilson Clash Tour. They say that the over-all results are much better with the Clash Tour + ParadOx than with the Wilson PS97 RF strung either with the OS17 ParadOx, or in the same strings as Roger Federer (VS Gut mains, LXN Alu Power Rough crosses at his usual tensions 52/48lbs)

The Wilson Clash Tour is much better with the L-TEC OS17 ParadOx than with either the Luxilon Alu Power or the LXN Smart.

Comparason ML100TH & MS140LS

Comparason ML100TH & MS140LS



E-mail orresponde Hugo & John, Avril 2019

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  • SW ML100TH
  • SW MS140NSTH Portable
  • SW MS140LSTH Pro Tennis

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