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Stringway MS140LS TH Pro Tennis machine

+ L-TEC OS17 ParadOx 1.23mm

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SW MS140LS Tennis + L-TEC OS17 ParadOx

The Wilson Clash Tour racquet tests by Jon Sorbo with his son Jonathan last week have provided some great feed-back for the new Wilson Clash Tour racquet strung on the SW MS140LS portable machine with the  L-TEC ParadOx GA17 (1,23mm) @ 48lbs mains / 52lbs crosses conducted for team-players at the University of Kentucky Lexington (UKL) USA. 

Following these thorough play tests of 4 hours/day during 5 days, Jonathan has changed his racquets from the Wilson PS97 autograph RF. (which he usually strings L-TEC OS17 ParadOx at same tensions 48/52lbs) for the Wilson Clash Tour. They say that the over-all results are much better with the Clash Tour + ParadOx than with the Wilson PS97 RF strung either with the OS17 ParadOx, or in the same strings as Roger Federer (VS Gut mains, LXN Alu Power Rough crosses at his usual tensions 52/48lbs)

The Wilson Clash Tour is much better with the L-TEC OS17 ParadOx than with either the Luxilon Alu Power or the LXN Smart.

Reflexions L-TEC OS17 ParadOx / Wilson Clash Tour

Jon Sorbo  26 Mar 2019, 19:07,

Hello John,

Please find pictures and a short video of Jonathan hitting with the Wilson Clash Tour strung with L-TEC ParadOx 17 on a Stringway MS140LS portable machine @ 48/52lbs using JET Method. 
The evolution in Jonathan’s tennis since switching to the
 L-TEC ParadOx 17, and now to the Wilson Clash Tour, is quite interesting and informative. 

Jonathan was ranked #3 in Ontario and #14 in Canada in his last year as a junior player. He began playing the ITF Futures Tour in January of 2018, using his normal setup a Wilson RF 97 racket strung with Babolat Gut and Luxilon Ali-power Rough @ 55lbs.

During the first eight months of 2018, Jonathan found the competition quite strong and was only able to win, on average, one match in the qualifying each tournament.

 At the demand of a good friend, Jonathan tested a full restring of ParadOx 17. Immediately, Jonathan’s tennis improved, he finally “knew” where the ball was going, he had perfect control of the ball. He also remarked that the strings seemed to “know” when he hit the ball hard and when he was using finesse, as it gave him access to control on power shots and easy power and comfort on finesse shots. 
Excited, he returned to the Futures Tour in California in September 2018. In his first tournament using the
 L-TEC ParadOx 17, Jonathan won three matches and reached the final round of qualifying, losing in a close match to one of the best juniors in the world !!

 He followed up that result by reaching the final round of qualifying a couple tournaments later at the ITF $25,000 level. During the rest of the fall 2018, Jonathan consistently won two to four matches at each tournament, a great and measurable improvement over his earlier results without the L-TEC ParadOx 17. 

Jonathan’s positive improvement earned him an opportunity to play for the University of Kentucky, UKL. Jonathan chose to suspend his professional career and further develop his game over the next three years playing College Tennis, USA.

Recently, Jonathan saw an advertisement for the new Wilson Clash Tour tennis racket. He was intrigued by the technical advancements and the materials used in this frame.

In a phone conversation with me, he described the Wilson Clash Tour as the perfect complement to the L-TEC ParadOx strings : 

"This racket is light and flexible, giving me the power and maneuverability I need for today’s fast game, while the stability gives me the control I need to put the ball where I want. Combined with the “intelligent” properties of the L-TEC ParadOx, I feel the racket and strings work together in perfect harmony to provide true power and true control, both at the same time." 

Tournament results are an important measuring stick to be sure, but the intangible psychological effects of having complete trust and confidence in your equipment is incredibly important for any player. Since playing with L-TEC ParadOx and now the combination of the Wilson Clash Tour has noticeably increased Jonathan’s self confidence.

He is a completely changed player from a psychological point of view as well. It is truly amazing what can happen to a player’s mindset when he has equipment which allows him to maximize his potential !!

Regarding the technical aspects of the L-TEC ParadOx 17 strings, I have noticed several important aspects :

1)  The durability of the L-TEC ParadOx is remarkable. Jonathan is getting 17-20 hours of true efficient string life before breakage. I say “true efficient string life”, which means the strings have not lost tension from the break-in period (1-2 hours) and continue to perform at maximum efficiency. This is truly remarkable, considering top professional players are forced to switch rackets after playing only nine games due to tension loss using other brands of string. 

2)  I have not noticed any special tension requirements for ParadOx 17, the strings play with the same characteristics at high, medium and low tensions. 

3)  Professional players will find they are able to powerfully drive the ball with complete control. 

4)  Club players with reduced swing speeds will enjoy the easy and comfortable power these strings provide. 

5)  Juniors will find this is the perfect string to develop their games with, as it will provide easy power when they are small and learning the game, and control for the power they will naturally develop as they grow. And all with comfort so they will not have the arm injuries typically found when using high-end polyester strings. 

6)  I believe ParadOx is best when installed using JET Technique, but will play very well when installed by any competent racket technician. 

7)  Installed using JET Method, after the break-in period (usually overnight), ParadOx will only lose one kilo of tension from the end of the first hour of hitting to the time they break (approximately 17+ hours for Jonathan). 

8)  The combination of Wilson Clash Tour and L-TEC ParadOx is truly amazing. They complement themselves as if they were DESIGNED for each other.

All any player wants is that equipment to allow them to play to their natural potential.

Wilson Clash + L-TEC ParadOx makes this a reality !

Feel free to pass along my reflexions
and comments to anyone who is  interested in improving their tennis.

I have coached ATP Tour players and Davis Cup teams and I can honestly say that this is the biggest advancement in the technology of tennis strings and racquets, since decades

Best Regards,

Jon Sorbo

Toronto, Canada.

Jonathan Sorbo