Training Programs for Stringers

Training Programs for Stringers


Training Programs organised in a tennis club near Paris

  • training programs for stringers, from Initiation to advanced techniques
  • workshop Instruction of the JET Method for professional stringers
  • co-organised by Marlan France, distributor of L-TEC Premium

Training for Stringers Stringway





Tariffs for Training and for Invitations



Hands-on machine training from Initiation to advanced techniques > JET Method

  • Initiation Training Program of 3 hours on Stringway stringing machine > 135€ half-day
  • Advanced Training Program of 3 hours on Stringway stringing machine > 135€ half-day
  • JET Method Tension-Analyzer Training Program 6 hours on SW machine > 270€ full-day
  • Program hi-tech Pro JET Method Tension-Analyzer 9 hours on SW machine > 395€ 2 days
  • It's possible to invite one or several visitors to the Club, the day of the training program

The eventual costs of hotel accomodation, transport, meals in the Club are not included in the tariff of the Training Programs.

Location of the Training Courses: Tennis de Merville-Franceville, Merville-Franceville

The training courses will be at the Tennis de Merville-Franceville, only 6 kms from Cabourg, located by the sea, it is a very nice little club, 2 clay courts, 2 quick courts, 2 covered court in green set and a nice club-house.

  • Tennis de Merville-Franceville , 3 Avenue Alexandre de Lavergne , 14810 Merville-Franceville-Plage, France
  • The green calvados bus is available at the caen train station to reach Merville-Franceville-Plage.




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