Reshaping the tennis landscape

Innovation is the driving force behind an exciting new concept in string design

While the materials used in the composition are uniquely advanced, these strings become even more spectacular because they are extruded in shapes that enhance playability, boost performance and extend string life. 

The concept consists of string shapes specifically engineered to give optimal performance at low tensions.
Literally reshaping tennis, these co-polymer mono-filament strings are extruded in 4 different forms. The profile shapes have been designed and tested to give the player using them every possible performance advantage.


4S squoval :  this rounded 4 Sided profile is an exclusive shape, there is no other string in the world like it, neither in design nor in performance.  The squoval profile has opened up a completely new concept in low-tension / high-performance stringing techniques, with higher string-bed stiffness values at much lower applied tensions. 

This results in more power, more control and much better sensations with significantly longer string life.

The 4S is one of the most remarkable advances in string technology since the advent of mono-filament tennis strings.  The squoval profile has the advantage of a thinner diameter combined with a thicker string/ball contact surface giving greater mobility of both the mains and crosses in the string-bed.  The net result is an enhanced grip on the ball coupled with an increase in spin, more feel and excellent control, all achieved at lower string-bed tensions.


3S delta :  this rounded 3 Sided profile is a unique shaped copolymer offers a comfortable feel, excellent control and plenty of power.  Add longer string life plus a stabilized string-bed and you have a recipe for on court dominance. The Delta profile offers a thinner string/ball contact surface giving strong bite on the ball with accentuated spin and feel.

The raw materials used in the construction of this string provide plenty of power while the profile will generate more spin on the ball.  When applied as a full set-up, the mains/crosses are always on the wide/flat contact surface of the strings which enhances the lateral movement as well as improves the string life and optimizes the stability of the string-bed.  As a full-string or as a hybrid, technically difficult strokes with slice or lift become more accessible.


5S penta : this rounded 5 Sided profile provides outstanding bite, spin and control.  It gives solid all-around performance by combining flat sides to glide upon each other while the pentagonal profile actively grabs the ball for enhanced spin on the ball.

This string offers the advantage of providing a flat contact surface for the string whether used in a full set-up or hybrid setting. It offers a solid base for players who use slice and spin as well as added durability over many other string profiles.  The pentagonal shape is the most spin friendly of all profiles.


OS control : round shape O Sides, this string is far from a classical string in terms of performance.  State-of-the-art engineering and materials allow this string to excel in providing excellent control along with extremely LOW tension loss and exceptionally long string life.

The most distinguishing feature of this string is the capacity to conserve initial set tension for a prolonged period of play.  This assures string-bed stability which allows for consistent ball length and stroke security.  This is the BASE string for many of the concept hybrids. With a choice of 3 gauges it can be strung in either the mains or crosses (or both).  A Premium OS hybrid will give greater string life and the best tension stability.   The thinner gauges are best adapted to dense pattern frames while the thicker are better for larger frames and open string patterns. 

These are the first strings to be conceptualized and specifically designed to perform together in hybrid combinations for maximum playability and results.