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JET Method : road book

YouTube video > the L-TEC Spin Effects

Method to string a 100 sq.inch racquet in 4 knots : 16 mains x 19 crosses (16*19)


Resultats > a bigger sweet-spot > more comfort > more spin > more regulari ball length

To string a racquet with an 18*20 (ou 18*19) string pattern in 4 knots, same framz size, for similar playing performances :

  • The string-bed stiffness is about 10% higher with an 18*20 string pattern than in a 16*19 pattern
  • to obtazin the same playability >lower tensions -10% (-2Kgs) for each of the tensions applied for a 16*19 pattern 
  • the new reference tension = 21kgs (i23-2kgs) > string in the 8 (instead of 6) mains in the middle at 21kgs > 
  • lower -2kgs = 19kgs for the next 2 x 3 mains > for the last 2 mains +4kgs = 23kgs (tie off the 2 mains' knots) > 
  • for the1st cross and starting knot > maintain the 23kgs for the first 3 crosses > -2kgs = 21kgs for the following crosses 
  • for the last 2 crosses +4kgs = 25kgs > tie-off the last cross string. That's it, finished.

The JET Concept is an expertise to personalize racquets and string-beds for tournament tennis players

Conceived by JayCee and successfully practiced since many years, his methods can develop the players’ capacities to optimize their games by perfectly adapting player’s racquets and string-beds to their specific requirements.

The material well adapted to the player can help avoid injury

An on-court analysis of the player, racquet and string-bed, combined with an application of the most appropriate solutions, significantly improves the capacity to attain an even higher level of performances on the court. Durable improvement is the consequence of several apparently minor adjustments and changes, when precisely identified and expertly applied, optimal performances are tangible. The JET Concept is the reference in this craft of fine tuning the player’s material.

Our services have been destined primarily to professional players and ITF juniors, we also offer our expertise to exacting amateurs and enthusiastic veterans, now part of our most loyal clients.

The staff is proud to provide the finest quality of service to our clients, since 25 years, they have ensured the pure tradition of genuine craftsmen, rewarded by unequalled player satisfaction. 

JET Concept Services and racquet customization

Racquets that are balanced, tuned and adapted to each player’s style and needs can help prevent injury and make an important improvement in their personal aptitude on-court :

  • we advise players on the most appropriate choice of racquets for their game
  • for multiple racquets we equalize the weight/swing weight to ensure frame consistency
  • the choice of a full range of grip sizes from 41/8 to 45/8 and grip/over grip materials
  • a unique service of custom molded handles for bigger sizes or special shapes
  • we can also shorten or lengthen the racquet when it is custom molded

A unique service from the only expert in Europe to re-mold the racquet handle pour

  • all standard sizes from 4 1/8 (L.1) to 4 5/8 (L.5),
  • increase the sizes from L.6 to L.8  
  • modify the shape of the handle (+ round, + square, rectangular and brand shapes)
  • shorten or lengthen the racquet when it is custom molded

String-bed tuning

Our staff is proud of their expertise in their craft, their dedication to the service of our clients ensures enhanced player satisfaction. We are the only professionals offering :

  • a selection of unique strings and hybrid string combinations for optimal performances
  • exclusive string-bed tuning technology that ensures perfectly stable string tensions
  • lower applied tensions providing increased power, with more spin and greater control
  • frame free vibrations, increased comfort, greater playability (even for injured players)

On-court Player/Material Analysis Programs

For tournament level tennis, personalization is preferable, the JET Concept Programs offer :

  • to work with the player on-court to determine the efficiency of the actual equipment
  • to decide what adjustments are most needed and propose several constructive solutions
  • to experiment various set-ups to evaluate the most appropriate choice of materials
  • to string and test on-court an initial reference set-up of racquet/strings/gauges/tensions
  • to organize a 2nd on-court program to adjust/fine-tune of the initial reference set-up.

The results obtained by the player after the 2ème program of tests/court are generally very positives and entirely satisfying for the player. The overall progress in the level of play during the following weeks is remarkable.