Tension-Analyzer JET

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Tension-Analyzer JET Pro is French made in mat stainless-steel

Measure the average String-Bed Tension in the frame :

  • the string tension and the elasticity are part of the calculation
  • average string-bed tension is the reference for a player's game
  • it gives a reference value for the player's string-bed sensations
  • the tension-analyzer can calculate the required stringing tensions 
  • supplied with 2 measure-scales  > EU kgs/cms2 + US lbs/sq.in. 

Description and operating Instructions >

The concept of working towards an end result rather than just a set tension as the starting point, is based on an evaluation of the String-Bed Tension (SBT) for a player with his own racquet at usual tensions.

Video 3D  > L-TEC Tension-Analyzer

The results are precise, constant and perfectly convincing. They do not depend on the frequency of the string-bed vibrations (like most electronic SBS measurement devises) but the deflection of the string-bed by a weight/lever/pressure-disc by reproducing the force applied on the strings by the ball during a firm stroke. There is a direct relationship between the SBT measured by the Tension-Analyzer and the length of the ball on the court.

This apparatus gives us the means to work with a player to adapt his string tensions to requirements of his game.

This average SBT value can be applied to any other size of frame or any other string pattern by adjusting the 2 variable settings on the Tension-Analyzer. This gives the stringer the means to calculate the appropriate set tensions for the strings in the racquet to be strung for a player’s personal needs.

An advantage of this concept is to test various racquets, strings and tensions. When the player finds the combination corresponding best to his personal needs, it is easier to determine his ideal average SBT value, then use this to reproduce the same average SBT in his own racquet. Working towards the end-result is an entirely different approach to personalized stringing for any player wanting to improve his game.


Tension-Analyzer conceived & made in France, now available 

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