L-TEC Premium over-grips

L-TEC Premium over-grips



Tacky, unique micro-porosity surface to optimise the grip, elastic & durable

Choice of packaging :

  • L-TEC over-grips white > pack x 4
  • L-TEC over-grips white > pack x 16
  • L-TEC over-grips white > pack x 48

Colors > white - clay French Open

Probably the best, long-lasting quality over-grip in the world, a great product from Argentina, conceived for tournament players with the product development made with professional tennis players. The micro-porosity surface is non-slip, absorbs perpiration well, comfortable, very durable and always elastic which prevents movement of the grip during play.

These elastic qualities gives the over-grip a variable thickness when stretched to install, from 0,75mm to 0,4mm depending on the pressure applied to the over-grip. 

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Over-grips tacky micro-porosity surface, durable

  • the best, long-lasting quality over-grip in the world
  • a great Argentinian product for tournament players
  • non-slip grip, comfortable, absorbs perpiration well
  • colors > white - French clay - neon-yellow
  • overgrips of same color > pack x4 - pack x16 - pack x48
10.00 / pack(s)
Delivery weight: 70 g
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