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Infos L-TEC Premium

Infos L-TEC Premium

Infos to order L-TEC Premium strings in packs


The packaging is in poly-bags containing several of the same half-sets

  • the packaging is in poly-bags containing several of the same half-sets :
  • the packaging in poly-bags test-pack = 2 half-sets
  • the tariff per piece is based on the quantity de packs of the same strings in half-sets

Each pack option (quantity of half-sets) depends on the selected <pack> a new page will open.

JET Concept

JET Concept


JET road book > stringing method in 4 knots

  • 100 sq.inch 645cm2) racquet string pattern 16 mains x 19 crosses (16*19)
  • same frame size, tight pattern 18*20 (ou 18*19) for similar play characteristics 

Results : a bigger "sweet-spot" - more comfort - more regular ball length

TWU research on optimizing ball-spin


TW University have researched to "How String-to-Ball Friction Affects Spin"

  • this review was pubished on TTW "tennis material > strings" 21 February 2012
  • the best results obtained with shaped hybrid strings, rather bthan textured strings
  • Co-efficient of friction (COF) maximum between the strings and the ball
  • Co-efficient of friction (COF) minimum between the strings (mains and crosses)
  • most spin from a strong sideways movement of the mains with a fast "snap-back"

Here are the essential points of this remarkable research into ball-spin >

Le Concept Stringway

Le Concept Stringway


The Stringway Concept is a different approach to stringing racquets, the quest for perfection

Video Full String-job on the ML100


Video full original version of a hybride string-job on the ML100

  • un-editored film > no cuts, no accelerations  no musique
  • a home stringer, doing a string-job on the kitchen table
  • be a witness to a very personal half hour with Eric
  • thanks mate, we really appreciate this insight to home stringing