SW ML100TH Flying-clamps

SW ML100TH Flying-clamps

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Stringway ML100 Original

a sensory tensioner head and automatic drop weight system requiring less physical effort, it can be much faster than all other drop weight machines. Made for precise stringing in perfect security. A good stringer can provide a professional quality string-job, without compromise, with this unique machine. 

Unique features >

  • Constant pull accuracy, irrespective of the angle of the weight arm 
  • Multiple positions cradle-lock (brake)
  • Multi-point direct interior racquet support system
  • Simple, compact, light (14kgs) and easily transportable
  • 0ptions > badminton flying-clamps & frame supports, tool-kit
  • Stringway factory Holland full warranty for 10 ans

Clamping System > flying-clamps double + triple [TH]

The action of clamping/unclamping is onto 2 or 3 strings together, the reaction is to cancel the equal and opposite forces on adjacent strings. Easy to use, efficient and very precise, with a great «feeling» of the strings.

When changing the choice of the clamping system, the prices, some photos and the texts relative to the selected clamping system will be adapted accordingly.

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